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Here are all the products we currently have available for sale. Prices are listed in US$ and do not include shipping and handling charges.
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Alpaca Pouch and Mirror SOLD OUT
This cute pouch features three little alpacas and has a fourth alpaca as a mirror hanging from a keychain. 
It measures approximately 17cm by 12cm.

Deer and Bunny Layered Notepad SALE!
 This notepad is in three layers - each different pattern you see is a separate, slightly bigger layer of the notepad!
The biggest layer measures approximately 4"x6".
 $6 $5


All Tutuanna socks are $8 each, $15 for two pairs, $22 for three pairs, unless otherwise noted.

 All socks currently sold out.


Rilakkuma Mini Notepads SALE!
These mini notepads are from the brand-new bath time line!
Each one has two different page designs inside and measures approximately 8x6cm.
Three designs available (from left): blue bath time, pink bath time, Korilakkuma bath time SOLD OUT
$4 $3 each


Ribbon Eyelash Case SOLD OUT
These adorable eyelash cases have room inside for three pairs of falsies and a small section for your glue. The eyelash "shelves" are curved so that your falsies don't lose their shape!