Friday, March 4, 2016

Baby Ponytail - Indie Brand Review

It's been a long time since I published a blog entry!
I have some ideas floating around in my head (and several drafts already written), but I just don't have a lot of energy to put into writing these days. I enjoy blogging though, so I'm making a fairly small goal of publishing once a month.

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Claudia, the designer for an indie lolita brand called Baby Ponytail, asking if I would be interested in receiving a piece from their (then) new collection, Mermaid's Castle in exchange for some publicity. The photos looked super cute, so I agreed!

There were some hiccups in production, but I finally received my jumperskirt last week - on my birthday no less~! It was nice timing haha.

Last weekend, I went downtown to the Portland waterfront with my friend Katie to take some photos in my new jsk~

I love that aspect of Portland's geography - the river cuts the city in half, which makes navigation super easy for someone like me who always gets lost haha.

We got really lucky with the weather that day! It's been raining almost every day since October, but it was dry and pretty warm - we even got a bit of blue sky!

 I wore my Lockshop Sylph wig because it reminded me a little of the mermaid's hair in the print!

Most of the rest of my coordinate is from Angelic Pretty, except the cardigan (offbrand/Gymboree), wristcuffs (Chess Story), and shoes (Secret Shop).

The print is so vibrant!

You can see my birthday manicure here! It doesn't photograph very well, because it's mostly just glitter and sequins haha. So sparkly!! 

We came across this garden in front of an office building with some pretty trees! I love how much I stand out against this background~

Keep reading for a full review~!!