Sunday, November 20, 2016

BB and B Deco Review

Earlier this month, I received a package from BB and B Deco with a super cute macaron necklace!!
All their pieces are handmade with care, using genuine swarovski crystals and pearls! I had seen their products at Sakuracon, with their parent company Bling Up, and was always really impressed with their work.

Because they're made with air clay, they're super light, which makes it really comfortable to wear~

I love the little spoon so much! I can't resist tiny cutlery lol

Maybe it's a strange thing to notice, but it also smells really good!!

The clasp on the back is a heart shape! I love the attention to details~

The little holly leaf makes it really cute for the upcoming holiday season!!

I ended up putting together a porcelain doll inspired coordinate with it!
Unfortunately, the pictures didn't turn out super great because it's so cloudy/dark today ;A;

Bonnet - Innocent World
Blouse - offbrand (Forever21)
Jumperskirt - Angelic Pretty
Apron - handmade by my friend
Tights - offbrand (gift)
Shoes - offbrand (unknown, I've had them 10 years!)

What's your favorite piece from BB and B? c: