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We've MOVED!

Thank you to everyone who has been a loyal customer at MKC!

Since sales have continued to increase, we've switched our shopfront to Storenvy for ease.
You can find our new shop HERE!
And you can find our new restock of 15 items there, too..!

We'll still use the Blogspot occasionally for polls and long updates.

Now hurry and check out our restock, because things are going fast!



Hi everyone!

Just a few updates.

First, Danielle will be leaving for Japan in just over a week - which means new stock, yay! Restock will come the 2nd or 3rd week of January.

Secondly, we will most likely be moving the shop front to storenvy - we've been working on it already, but it's been a lengthy process to input all the shipping costs (and we're still not done), as we are always committed to giving you all the best deals possible.

This blog will still be used to give updates (that are longer than Tumblr really is useful for), for polls, and for general information about MKC.

Thank you for always being a loyal customer!