Saturday, December 3, 2016

Victorian maiden Christmas Tea Party

Happy International Lolita Day!
What did you do to celebrate this year..?

Victorian maiden, headquartered here in Osaka, held a Christmas tea party on December 3rd, which coincidentally happened to be International Lolita Day this year.

It was held at a small British-themed tea house called Three Chimneys. The tea house was decorated for the Christmas season and was so cute!

We had tea service with a big plate of food and unlimited tea.

Unfortunately, even though VM asked about food allergies, etc. beforehand, and I told them I can't eat pork or beef, the sandwiches all had ham in them...thankfully I only have a minor intolerance, so I could just remove the ham and still eat the sandwiches without getting sick, but it was still an annoyance.

VM made little name cards for each of us! I usually go by "Ellie" in these situations because my full name (Danielle) is really long and difficult for many Japanese people to pronounce (and they often mistake it for "Daniel"......)

I really loved this idea! They had these big dice with conversation starters on them - if there was a lull in conversation at your table, just toss the dice for something to talk about!

When we entered, we drew a "fortune card" - one lucky winner got a free dress from her fortune card! These also had topics to talk about - mine was "tell the person next to you about your coordinate point".

My friend MiA and I at our table! We sat with 5 other girls, who were all very nice!

We had mini catalogs at our place settings - the "Louise" series is new coming January/February!

I tried to take a photo indoors, but the lighting wasn't very good...

MiA and I outside Three Chimneys

My full coordinate!
Hat - WEGO
Bolero - Innocent World
Jumperskirt & gloves - Victorian maiden
Tights & blouse - offbrand
Shoes - axes femme

A lot of the guests had the same idea as me - wearing bordeaux for the Christmas theme. Probably 90% of people had bordeaux as at least an accent color lol.

Selfie beforehand~

After the tea party, the staff arranged for us to take taxis to the VM press room to have first access to their sample sale!

Cute display in the front entry to the press room

All the staff! Their theme was The Nutcracker! Toy soldier, doll, and the mouse king.

I got to take a photo with the infamous VM coffin!! If you're unaware, back in 2001, VM actually sold this coffin..! The one in the press room is used as a storage closet.

I wasn't planning on buying anything, but I foolishly tried this on and fell in love lol. Will have to cut back on my luckypack spending now haha.

Freebie novelties for tea party guests! A clear file and a 2017 planner with a reusable VM book cover.

Freebie postcards from the press room!

The tea party was such a great experience and I'm so glad I was able to go! I hope to be able to attend more events like this in the future~

To end, here are some purikura MiA and I took before the tea party!

Until next time!


  1. Never thought I would see a real picture of the infamous coffin lol! It's really neat that they let attendees into the press room. Your coord was perfect!

    1. It truly is a piece of history! 😜
      Thank you so much! ❤️

  2. The whole thing looks soooo enchanting, a literal Christmas postcard (with snow taken out :P). Victorian Maiden seem to be throwing really good tea parties (shame about the sandwiches though), I need to give them a try as a brand. I usually don't even consider VM because whenever I look at their itemss on Lolibrary the measurements are too small for me, but I read recently that in real life they're a little more generous than what's stated, so I'll try to go when I'm in Japan next.
    Happy ILD!

    1. It really was so lovely!!

      I actually avoided VM too for a while because of sizing issues (I have a very small bust), but the piece I wore for the tea party actually has rather generous shirring, and to help me out, corset lacing 😊 they do mostly fixed sizing, but occasionally come out with something like that!
      Their only store is actually the press room here in Osaka, but several Kera shops and Atelier Pierrot shops do sell their pieces, so hopefully you can try some!

  3. Oh wow, that venue is so pretty! It looks like a really nice tea party overall, and I love you outfit.

  4. Looks like You had fun <3
    Ypur coord looks fantastic and the place, where You had TP- very cool.
    And coffin, hahaha the legendary coffin is there! XD

  5. Fabulous Christmas tea party. You have prepared everything in a best way. For my Christmas time I threw a small party at one of local Chicago event venues. Got great and unique ideas from internet to make it a memorable one.