Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wardrobe Post 2017

Here I am, someone who very rarely gets sick, stuck at home with bronchitis. I went to the clinic in Japan for the very first time on Friday, as my bad cough had turned into a very bad and painful cough, and witnessed great Japanese healthcare at work (so cheap compared to America lol). Now I'm on antibiotics, plus a prescription strength cough suppressant and decongestant.

So what's a girl to do, except take the time to photograph her entire wardrobe for her blog..?
Honestly, this has been so much effort that I don't think I would have done it if I wasn't sick lol.

But here is my lolita wardrobe, in its (mostly) full glory...please be aware that this post is very image heavy!

Innocent World Sailor Collar Onepiece ♡ Baby the Stars Shine Bright MY ANNIVERSARY Chess Ribbon Onepiece
The Baby onepiece was a birthday gift from my friends, so it holds a special place in my heart!

Angelic Pretty Sweet Girl Room Onepiece ♡ Emily Temple cute Biscuits and Chocolate Onepiece

Angelic Pretty School Marine Cutsew Onepiece ♡ Shirley Temple Strawberry Onepiece

Emily Temple cute Present Box Onepiece ♡ Emily Temple cute Cosmetics Print Sleeveless Onepiece

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Jewelry Princess Opal Jumperskirt ♡ Souffle Song Jumperskirt
The Souffle Song jsk is the only nonbrand main piece I own - it was a sponsored gift from Devil Inspired.

Victorian Maiden Rose Dolly Chiffon Ruffle Onepiece ♡ Victorian Maiden Rose Flocky Chiffon Jumperskirt
I haven't worn the dress on the left yet - perhaps for the meetup planned at the end of the month?

Mary Magdalene Trop Jenne Jumperskirt ♡ Innocent World Sugar Cake Jumperskirt
Sugar Cake was my very first IW main piece! I had tried it on in-store and just had to have it.

Innocent World Printed Rose Gobelin Halterneck Jumperskirt ♡ Innocent World Agatte Jumperskirt

Innocent World Pleated Frill Ballerina Jumperskirt ♡ Innocent World Cord Lace Flocky Jumperskirt

Innocent World Antique Cutlery Jumperskirt ♡ Innocent World Hildegard Jumperskirt

Innocent World Regimental Stripe Jumperskirt ♡ Innocent World Lily Emblem Regimental Stripe Jumperskirt
I just bought the jsk on the left last week, so I have yet to wear it.

Innocent World Chiffon Stripe Rose Jumperskirt ♡ Angelic Pretty Precocious Lady Jumperskirt

Angelic Pretty Glass Bottle of Tears Jumperskirt ♡ Innocent World Pearl Beads Jumperskirt

Angelic Pretty Romantic Rose Letter Tiered Jumperskirt ♡ Angelic Pretty Dreamy Girl Jumperskirt
Romantic Rose Letter is very special to me because I wore the onepiece in my very first brand fashion show. It had actually completely flown under my radar before that, but after I wore it on the runway, I knew I needed it in my closet!

Angelic Pretty Petit Patisserie Tiered Jumperskirt ♡ Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Donuts Jumperskirt
I actually altered Petit Patisserie a bit - it's a lot bigger than most AP jsks when unstretched, so I added corset lacing up the back to cinch it tighter.

Angelic Pretty Little Lady Jumperskirt ♡ Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate Double Button Salopette
I wore Little Lady for my wedding reception, so it's very special for me! The back detail is my favorite part.

Angelic Pretty Original Cosmetics Print Skirt ♡ Angelic Pretty Wonder Party (1st release) Skirt
This is actually the second time I've owned the Cosmetics skirt lol. I sold it back in 2010 but regretted it later, so when I saw it again, I snatched it up! It could very well be the same one, actually...

Angelic Pretty Promenade de Paris Skirt ♡ Angelic Pretty Cream Cookie Collection Skirt

Amavel x3
Innocent World ♡ Angelic Pretty x2
 Short-sleeved lolita-specific blouses

From a boutique ♡ Forever21
Olive des olive  ♡ axes femme
Short-sleeved offbrand blouses I often wear with lolita

Angelic Pretty ♡ Innocent World
axes femme ♡ Innocent World
 Long-sleeved blouses

All Forever21
 Long-sleeved offbrand blouses I often wear with lolita

KOKOkim ♡ DreamV ♡ Innocent World
Angelic Pretty x2

Gymboree ♡ Metamorphose
DreamV ♡ Angelic Pretty x2

axes femme
H&M x2 ♡ Honeys
More cardigans

Angelic Pretty ♡ Innocent World x3
Parkas and boleros

I keep my socks in these plastic bins that are stored in my closet. I actually use a lot of offbrand socks and tights in my lolita coordinates, but those wouldn't make for very interesting photos lol.

All Angelic Pretty
All Innocent World

Angelic Pretty ♡ Metamorphose ♡ Shirley Temple ♡ Angelic Pretty

I got these cute heart boxes at Daiso!

The smaller one stores my gloves and wristcuffs.

Victorian Maiden ♡ Taobao (I don't remember) ♡ vintage
Chess Story ♡ Angelic Pretty ♡ Forever21
The vintage gloves were a gift from my friend - they once belonged to her grandmother.

The bigger one holds smaller hair accessories and some detachable pieces from other clothing.

Innocent World ♡ Innocent World ♡ Ciciwork
Innocent World ♡ Innocent World x2 ♡ Angelic Pretty
Innocent World ♡ Innocent World ♡ Angelic Pretty

I store my headbows, bonnets, and barrettes in this bag above my vanity.

Top row: all Angelic Pretty
Middle row: all Innocent World
Bottom row: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Liz Lisa, offbrand, handmade
Innocent World ♡ Angelic Pretty
Innocent World ♡ Claire's x2
Innocent World ♡ WEGO ♡ 薔薇hime
Handmade ♡ Sweet Mildred
Because these hair accessories are more delicate, I keep them in a shoebox in my closet.

My accessory setup - all the storage pieces are from Daiso.

Angelic Pretty ♡ Angelic Pretty ♡ Chocomint
Angelic Pretty ♡ Angelic Pretty ♡ Chocomint x2
As you might see, the cookie bear ring has seen some rough days - the first time I ever wore it, the bear fell off the ring base, hit the floor, and broke in two. I had to glue it back together, and it's never been the same...
Fantastic Grim ♡ Angelic Pretty x4 ♡ BB&B Deco
Tea cup and Alice clips - Chocomint ♡ KOKOkim heart clips ♡ rest is handmade
The nail polish clips are actual real nail polish from the dollar store lol.

This is actually a bento box I bought from SWIMMER, but I use it to hold all my pins! I bought it because it reminded me of a specific Polly Pocket I had as a kid.

The upper tier holds all my enamel pins. There are a lot, so if you're curious about the origin for one, please just ask!

The piece on the upper left corner is made by my friend through her shop, Shy Lapin. The bear below it is from a Japanese indie accessory brand called Moon Cat.
White shoes - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
All else - Secret Shop
Like socks, I wear a lot of offbrand shoes with my coordinates. These are just the lolita specific pairs!
By the way, the Btssb shoes are total trash and the most uncomfortable shoes I own (:

Innocent World ♡ Angelic Pretty
SWIMMER ♡ Angelic Pretty
I often just use my everyday bag when I go out - it's an offwhite bag from Japanese "adult cute" brand Samantha Vega. It's roomy and matches almost everything, so I'm usually too lazy to switch bags lol.

I probably forgot some things (in fact, I just now realized I forgot my Btssb parasol), but this took a lot of effort and multiple days, so honestly, I'm not adding anything else at this point haha.

Taking a look at my wardrobe in this way, I've realized I want to buy more lolita-specific legwear and more blouses this year. Possibly a real lolita coat too, since I've been putting that off for a decade now haha (do I really want to spend the cost of a dress on something I'll only wear a handful of times each year..? eeeh...).

Have you made a wardrobe post? Feel free to link it in the comments, I'd love to see!
What are your goals for your wardrobe this year?


  1. Your wardrobe is beautiful and well-thought! <3

  2. Beautiful wardrobe, full of trasures.

    1. Thank you, they really are my treasures!

  3. I love your wardrobe, you have such a wonderful taste! and everything seems super cohesive!

  4. Love your wardrobe, it's very cute!
    I also like your hangers, never seen ones like that before!

    1. Thank you!
      The hangers (like so much of my decor) are from Daiso :)

  5. Beautiful wardrobe post <3 I love the first 4 dresses you showed and your pin collection. I feel you when you say it takes a lot of effort to make this post I struggled with mine too. Here's mine

    1. Thank you!
      It really took such a long time to make everything look nice, even spread over several days..!
      Thanks for sharing your post, we have similar taste in sweet!! I love all your accessories - I definitely need more!