Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Marie Antoinette Tea Party at 薔薇hime atelier

On September 1st, I stepped off the plane in my new home - Osaka, Japan!
Just a couple days later, I went to a big semi-annual lolita event called Romantic a la Mode. There, I purchased a handmade vintage-style hat from a brand called 薔薇hime (bara hime) and chatted with the designer.
This month, the designer invited me to join a tea party at her atelier in Kyoto! It's been difficult to meet people, so I was really happy she thought of me and extended the invitation.

There were six of us in attendance, including the designer.
The atelier is absolutely beautiful - it's full of cute, eclectic knick-knacks and various homemade objects. It's located in an apartment building right next to Demachiyanagi Station.

Everyone brought something to share, including macarons, cake, and sandwiches. There were also little candy dishes set up with various sweets.

We drank tea, ate, and chatted with each other for almost three hours! Time really flew.
I had been nervous, because I didn't know anyone except the designer (who I had only met very briefly), but everyone was so nice and friendly.

We also were able to try on some of the items in the atelier and just look at the merchandise available in general. I definitely want to buy another hat at some point!

Even the slippers set out in the front entryway for guests were customized by the designer!

Unfortunately, I was running a little behind in the morning and wasn't able to get a good outfit shot, so I only have a mirror shot of what I wore.

Hat - 薔薇hime
Bolero - Innocent World
Jumperskirt - Souffle Song
Tights - offbrand (gift)
Socks - Tutuanna
Gloves - Victorian Maiden

If you find yourself in Kyoto at some point, I highly recommend visiting the atelier!
Here's 薔薇hime's Facebook page & Twitter.
She also has an online shop, although it doesn't ship internationally - but contact me at my shopping service and I can help you purchase!

I hope I can attend more events here in Japan in the future and share my life as a lolita here with you all!

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  1. Oh, you've moved to Osaka now? I like very Osaka, I have so many good memories from there and I can't wait to go back there. :D
    I love the outfit you've put together, it's so elegant and all the vintage element style work so well. The atelier looks really lovely too, looks like the sort of place where I'd love to just sit around and relax, enjoy a quiet afternoon.