Thursday, February 26, 2015

Birthday Weekend

Monday was my birthday, so this past weekend was very eventful!

On Friday, I had friends over for curry, cupcakes, and Cards Against Humanity. I wore my new Angelic Pretty Sweet Girl Room onepiece for the occasion.

Everything from Angelic Pretty except jewelry and shoes (Secret Shop).

I was able to find the matching socks from LolitaDesu, and Angelic Pretty USA still had the headbow in stock, so in the end, I could complete the full set! I spent a little more than I would have liked to, since I was buying little things from so many places, but I think it was worth it.

Then, on Saturday, the Portland/Oregon Tea & Cake Society held a belated Valentine's Day meetup.
For this event, I wore my new Innocent World jumperskirt.

Jumperskirt - Innocent World "Chiffon Stripe Rose"
Blouse - Angelic Pretty
Headbow - Liz Lisa
Tights - offbrand (a gift)
Shoes - offbrand (eBay)

My circle lenses had little hearts in them! Even though they didn't completely match my coordinate, I thought they were too appropriate for the event that I couldn't resist wearing them.
I also wore my new Lockshop wig - it's the Sylph style in Royal Brown. I was so pleased with this wig that I recently ordered a new one - I'll review it once it comes in!

This cake was really good, but had soo much icing!

I had a delicious drink called "Barbie Girl" - my friend got this cute hanging kitty while in Japan.

Finally, on Monday (my actual birthday), I went to a local patisserie called Pix Patisserie with my good friend Katie. This place is walking distance from my office, so on bad days I like to go get macarons on my break haha.

We haven't been able to see each other in a while due to our conflicting work schedules, so it was really good to be able to catch up over macarons and tea!

I didn't get a photo of my full outfit that day, but I wore the items I had just received from Dreamv:

I ordered a suspender skirt with a cute tea pot screen print and a collared cutsew.

As you can see, my weekend was really busy - and next weekend will be too, as it's Katie and another friend's birthday on Sunday!

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  1. You look so cute on the pics! I love the dream v dress *O*