Monday, February 16, 2015

Recent Mail + Maiden Clothing Review

I recently got my tax refund, and seeing as how my birthday is coming up soon, I treated myself to some new lolita pieces!

Maiden Clothing, a secondhand lolita shop based in Osaka, Japan, happened to have two of my wishlist items for sale - Angelic Pretty's Sweet Girl Room onepiece in ivory and Innocent World's Chiffon Stripe Rose jumperskirt in pink.
While I've never ordered from Maiden Clothing's webshop before, I have been to their shop in person. Their main storefront is shared with Pure Sound, a secondhand visual kei merchandise shop (they have a second that's only Maiden Clothing). If you're interested in visiting, it's right across from Big Step in Shinsaibashi/Amemura, down the street from Angelic Pretty.

(photo from my last visit to Osaka in September 2013 - featuring "Angeric Pretty" lol)


Ordered: February 4th
Order confirmed: February 5th
Invoice received: later February 5th
Order shipped: February 6th
Order received: February 10th (although I missed delivery)

As you can see, everything went super quickly!! Maiden Clothing's communication was timely and efficient, and their English is very good. It's important to note that all communication comes from "Pure Sound", their visual kei store's name, but it's the same company. It also shows up on your credit card bill as being from Pure Sound.
I was very happy with my experience!


Both pieces were ranked as a "4" on Maiden Clothing's site - essentially, used, but in very good condition. I haven't found any flaws on either piece.

I was pretty wary about the onepiece's sizing - I'm rather petite, so I was crossing my fingers that it would at least be a kawaii sack on me lol.
Thankfully, with the waist ties, it looks really cute worn!! I'm really happy, because this also opens up the doors for me to explore other pieces I've ignored in the past for fear of the sizing.
The fabric is a light chiffon and very comfortable! As usual with Angelic Pretty, the print is very detailed and a lot of fun to find new elements in. The bow at the neckline is detachable with a pin.

The jumperskirt from Innocent World is absolutely gorgeous! The fabric is a printed chiffon, with stripes woven in. The bow on the straps is detachable with a pin, which is a nice touch. Because there's corset lacing in the back, this piece fits like a dream! The ruched bodice adds to the nice fit as well.

I plan on wearing these dresses for events this weekend, so be on the lookout for further posts with coordinate details!

Review Conclusion

Obviously, I 100% recommend Maiden Clothing's online store! It's an often overlooked place when searching for dream dresses, but a definite treasure trove. The prices were competitive and the shipping reasonable. Communication was timely and smooth.
I plan on ordering from them again in the near future!

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  1. Even though I don't really own anything lolita, I now feel compelled to check this place out on my next trip.