Monday, April 6, 2015

Marriage Celebration Tea Party

It's been a while since I wrote my last post..! I've been waiting on the professional photos from our marriage celebration - and I just received them today!

We held the party at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Castle Marne in Denver.

There were several courses to our tea party - a soup, an entree plate with a quiche, fruit, and mini sandwiches, a scone, and then little dessert pastries and chocolates.

We took some photos together before the guests arrived.

My two little nephews behaved themselves quite well!

The girls

The guys

We don't take ourselves too seriously ;)

And some shots of my coordinate!

Headdress ♡ Sweet Mildred
Blouse ♡ Angelic Pretty
Jumperskirt ♡ Angelic Pretty
Socks ♡ Angelic Pretty
Bag ♡ Angelic Pretty
Jewelry ♡ Angelic Pretty
Shoes ♡ Baby the Stars Shine Bright


  1. Your wedding and your outfir was so cuteee!! *-*~ Congratulations!

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  3. Love this post, makes me want to wear lolita for my wedding...I probably will but something really casual ^_^

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