Friday, April 24, 2015

Coordinates + New Purchases

My friend's birthday was last week, and to celebrate, we had a potluck tea party!

I wore my Innocent World Pearl Beads jumperskirt, which I had only worn once very briefly, and in a coordinate I wasn't at all happy with.

I definitely liked this coordinate a lot better than my last!
Headbow ♡ Liz Lisa
Blouse ♡ Amavel
Cardigan ♡ Honeys
Jumperskirt ♡ Innocent World
Tights ♡ offbrand (gift)
Socks ♡ Angelic Pretty
Shoes ♡ offbrand (eBay)

Recently, I was able to obtain a huge wishlist item of mine - Innocent World's Antique Cutlery! I'd been wanting it since it came out, but (ironically) was saving to shop at PMX, but of course the version I wanted was sold out by then and wasn't brought to the IW boutique.

The color is a bit of an odd shade, which makes coordinating's a kind of lighter navy? But other than that, I'm totally in love!!

Here are some quick coordinates with it:
Hair accessories ♡ Taobao, Claire's
Blouse ♡ Amavel
Necklace ♡ Fantastic Grim
Socks ♡ Tutuanna
Shoes ♡ offbrand (bought in Osaka)

Hat ♡ Claire's
Blouse ♡ Forever21
Tights ♡ Tutuanna
Shoes ♡ offbrand (from high school!!)

I really wanted a cutlery themed necklace to wear with this jsk, and my friend's shop, Fantastic Grim, happened to have a perfect one in stock!
Raven, the owner, currently lives in the UK, but some of the shop's stock is with the Lolita Collective in the United States. The necklace I purchased was luckily one of the latter, so shipping took no time at all.

I'm so in love with it!!

The only thing I'm disappointed about is that the chain length isn't adjustable. I can still make-do easily enough, but I think that would have been a nice touch!

Since Raven couldn't make it to my wedding party being all the way in England, she also included a couple of other beautiful necklaces from her collection!

So happy to have such a talented friend ♥
I can't wait to wear these beautiful necklaces!

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