Thursday, September 3, 2015

Room Tour

My blog has been pretty wordy recently, so I wanted to post something mostly pictures and less heavy content!
I also recently cleaned because I had friends over, so as someone on Tumblr requested, here's a short tour of my bedroom~

For fun, see if you can find all the Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma items - there are 22 (visible), if you count each Rement set as 1. ;)

 The doors to my bedroom (which I share with my husband but have free design-reign over) are a pair of sliding doors, which helps make it feel roomier!
Please excuse the extra blankets on the floor - the weather has been crazy, alternating between 90 and 70!

 This is to the right when you walk into my room. You can see a little of my living room in this photo! The door you see is to my walk-in closet.

These are the little bears hanging out above my mirror! I used to have several more Rement (miniatures) sets, but they sadly got lost in the move to Portland. I'm still bitter about it, especially the cute Rilakkuma mini table and chairs I had!
The Korilakkuma on the left is the Osaka limited version, the center is the 2013 Halloween version, and the right is the exclusive Rilakkuma store version.

 Here is a closeup of my small shelf!
This is mostly used to keep my legwear tidy.

 Here's the top of my shelf! The tiered tray holds my Angelic Pretty jewelry (and a few other favorite pieces). Most of the boxes and decorative pieces are either from Daiso or another ¥100 store called Seria.

 My bulletin board above my shelf! I use it to display various flyers, postcards, and clippings from catalogues.

 I really want a dress form, but it's not practical right now, so instead I plan coordinates on my wall. Romantic Rose Letter is for a trip I'm planning on taking in November, and the pink coordinate is what I'm wearing to a convention meetup tomorrow!
As you can see from the window, we actually live in the basement apartment of a house that's been turned into a duplex.

 The back-left corner of my room - this is my husband's side of the bed.
The Korilakkuma pillow was one of the best purchases I've ever made lol! I take it with me on all my overnight trips.

Here's a closeup of the prints above my bed - both are illustrations by Imai Kira.

 These prints are on the back left side of my room. The top right was a postcard a dear friend sent me!

Here's the rest of my lolita wardrobe! The shoe boxes contain fragile accessories. The purple Liz Lisa bag on the right is full of things I'm trying to sell!
The framed Imai Kira print was signed by Maki, one of Angelic Pretty's designers.

 The cute strawberry boxes (which I bought at a ¥100 shop in Osaka) hold various things, like nail polish, face masks, and lip glosses. The dresser holds various clothing that doesn't get hung - undergarments, shorts, camisoles, etc.
The RinRin postcard is also signed.

That's it!
While it was short, I hope you enjoyed seeing my bedroom! 

Anyway, my thoughts are that I'll publish one lighter post a month, and one more heavy on the content once a month, so the next post will have more content to it - it's all about lolita communities!


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