Wednesday, October 14, 2015

♡Recent Purchases♡

I've been neglecting this blog recently...truth be told, I've been low on inspiration u_u
While I continue to search for that spark, here are my recent purchases within the last few weeks!

Most of the items I bought recently were Angelic Pretty, but they were from a variety of different sources! I like to buy brand-new to support the brands as much as I can, but I also really love finding deals on secondhand clothing~

I made a very small order from the Japanese auction sites mbok and Yahoo!Auctions. In order to bid on these sites, you need to use a shopping service - I typically go through Treasure Japan, but there are many, many good options out there.

This time around, I bought Angelic Pretty's collaboration handbag with Amo in pink, as well as the Romantic Rose Letter socks in ivory.

Angelic Pretty's ivory tends to lean rather yellow, but it will match nicely with the ivory blouse I had in mind for the coordinate I bought these for. They were new with the metal clips still attached - I don't really like to buy used socks, so I was happy about this.

The bag was used, so it has some signs of wear. I paid a very good price for it though, so I really don't mind at all! It's still functional and most of the flaws are on the underside of the bag and therefore not really visible.

Angelic Pretty finally uploaded their summer sale, so I decided to snag a couple of things from it! I bought the short-sleeve romantic bustier blouse in pink and the cookie wristcuffs in brown.

I actually have the long-sleeve version of this blouse in ivory and absolutely love it, so I instantly gravitated toward this version too!

The lace is so pretty!

And the button details!

I absolutely love the lacy top of it.

I was worried the wristcuffs would be too big because I have tiny wrists, but they ended up fitting just fine, yay!
The cute little cookie buttons are such an adorable touch~

Not long after the AP sale, a friend posted some items she was selling, including the AP x Disney Upside Down Alice cardigan, which I had been searching for!

She was selling for a very good price, so I absolutely couldn't resist.

The cardigan runs bigger than AP's usual items, so it's rather large on me, but I love it all the same!

The final item I bought this month is a lovely floral jumperskirt from Mary Magdalene.
Actually, it had been advertised as Victorian Maiden in the sales listing - so imagine my surprise when I opened the package and the tag said Mary Magdalene!
I purchased the jumperskirt from Takoyaki Co. and when I let them know of the mistake, they offered me a discount on my next purchase! A+ customer service, I was very happy with them throughout the entire transaction.

Finding the correct brand name helped me find the stock photo and more information about the dress. It's called the Eglantyne jumperskirt and it's from 2004!!! This makes it the oldest piece in my wardrobe. I'm shocked the condition is so good, considering the dress is over a decade old!

There is shirring in the back, which is quite unusual for Mary Magdalene, but it's thanks to the shirring that it actually fits me!

The print is lovely, but it's full of very unique colors that aren't easy to coordinate. The pinks are quite orangey, so it will be a challenge! I plan on wearing it to a friend's birthday party next weekend.

I actually just submitted a decently sized order to Innocent World earlier this week, so I'll be making another purchases post sometime next month, as well! Look forward to it!

In the meantime, please do let me know what sort of topics would interest you if I wrote about them - any sort of inspiration would be fantastic~


  1. I'm having a little bit of blog post/video topic block as well but I'm trying to look at tumblr questions and pull from the general idea of what kind of asks I usually get and see if there's a trend lol.
    I really like the look of the MM dress! The print looks so romantic.

  2. That cardigan is lovely! I hope you have been able to use it many outfits since.