Saturday, July 16, 2016

DevilInspired/Souffle Song Dress Photos

A little while ago, I received a dress from DevilInspired. I chose a cute pink jumperskirt from the Chinese indie brand Souffle Song/Neverland Lolita. Unfortunately, it's no longer up on DevilInspired's website, but it can still be bought from Souffle Song's Taobao shop.

Yesterday I met my friend Katie at my favorite park in Portland to take some photos!

My hat, bolero, bow clip (on the bolero), and bag are all from Innocent World. They're definitely my favorite brand right now! I think they really embody the feeling of lolita that first got me interested in the fashion so long ago.

The park we shot in is known for its beautiful rose gardens. Roses are my favorite flower, and it smelled so good there, even though the blooming season is ending!

I wish I had done more photoshoots here when the roses were in full bloom in April/May - oh well!

Afterward, we went back to my house, and I changed into a more casual outfit using the same dress. This dress is so perfect for summer and can easily be worn without a petticoat for a more casual, cool look!

I'm sorry for being creepy and posing in your front yards, neighbors. Lol.

I'm moving to Japan in only a month and a half now, so I'm trying to do as much with my friends while I'm still in Portland! I'm glad I had the opportunity to hang out with Katie for the afternoon to take these~


  1. The pictures came out so nicely!

  2. This is such a cute JSK, I really like the shape and the frills on it. It's simple, but works very well with Lolita and casually, as you said, and I think your coords and the photos really do it justice.
    Whereabouts in Japan will you be moving to? :)

    1. I'm much more into more simple dresses these days, so I really love it!! Thanks so much!
      I'll be moving to Osaka, where my husband is from :3

  3. You look so lovely. And this dress is kinda amazing too. Never realized that Souflesong has such a nice dresses without print :)

    1. Thank you!
      Same, I feel like their busier printed dresses get more publicity, but I like simpler dresses more, so I was happy to find this one!